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Naturally Brewed Soya Sauce

Characteristics Twin Camels Soya Sauce
No MSG added
100% Naturally Brewed
Non-GMO raw material used
Controlled fermentation using pure culture
Produced under HACCP management for product safety
Filtered and Pasteurized
Naturally Brewed Soya Sauce 3 Months
Levulinic Acid (an acid not found in nature but found in non-brewed chemical soya sauce).
3-MCPD - carcinogen
Food conditioner (added for mouth feel)
Protein booster added
Colouring agent added

Goodness of the Twin Camel Naturally Brewed Soya Sauce

  1. 3-MCPD a cancer causing compound is absent in our soya sauce.
  2. Our soya sauce is a completed protein which has all 8 essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are amino acids that your body cannot manufacture and must come from a source outside the body.
  3. Contains HEMF(4-hydroxy-2 (or 5)- ethyl-(or2)-methyl-3(2H)-furanone) a powerful antioxidant which has anti-carcinogenic properties.
    • HEMF is an anticarcinogenic compound in soya sauce.
    • HEMF is the principal flavour component of naturally-fermented soy sauce.
    • HEMF is an antioxidant (Nagahara, A .,Benjamin,H., Storkson, J.,Krewson, J.,Sheng ,K., Liu, W., and Pariza, M.W.1992 Cancer .Res. 52,1754-1756)
    • HEMF prevent at the stage of tumor promotion (Nagahara, A.,Benjamin,H., Storkson, J.,Krewson, J, Sheng K, Liu, W., and pariza, M.W.1992 Cancer Res.52, 1754-1756)
  4. Our soya sauce is not an engineered product, no chemically-made protein is used in its processing.

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