About Us

Kong Guan was first established in the year 1945 and we started to mechanized our fermentation process in the year 1987 while keeping hold of traditional fermentation philosophy. We only use high quality raw materials, imported NON-GMO protein-rich soy beans and NON- GMO wheat grains. Our fermentation process is manned by a professional microbiologist. Our company is committed in continuous improvement and producing quality products meeting customer requirement. We are HACCP certified and ISO 9001 - 2018 certified company. These standards / certificates are standards for us to uphold our company mission. We have experience in exporting to countries such as China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Brunei. We are committed in only producing 100% fermented products and there is no chemical adultation involve. Moreover, we only produce "No MSG added" and "no chemical flavour additives" in our Double Camel and Triple Camel Soy sauce. This is because we strongly believe in using the best raw materials coupled with the heart and expertise of fermentation we are able to produce a product truly relishing a rich, aromatic and pleasing flavour. "Regardless of rising costs and competitive market, if we can get the customers to associate PRODUCT QUALITY with the KONG GUAN / DOUBLE CAMEL BRAND then we can always have a foothold in the hearts and mind of the consumers". In the words from our Managing Director "食品行业是个良心事业。Profits should not be the most important thing that we should chase, instead it should be doing the right thing always. Once doing the right thing is always being followed, then profits will take care of itself".
骆驼商标(double camel)于1945年成立。在保持传统发酵理念的同时,我们在1987年开始将酱油的发酵过程机械化。我们坚持只使用高品质的原料:非基因改造及含高蛋白质的进口黄豆和非基因改造的小麦籽粒。为了保持酱油的良好品质,我们公司的酱油发酵过程全由专业的微生物学家负责监督。我们公司坚持不断改进和生产优质酱油,以满足客户需求。我们拥有食品安全控制系统(HACCP)认证,并通过了国际标准品质管理系统(ISO 9001 - 2018)的认证。品质保证和不断改良是我们维护公司使命的推动力。除了本地市场,骆驼商标也已把我们的品牌推广至国际市场, 如中国,澳大利亚,新西兰,新加坡和汶莱等国家。我们承诺骆驼商标生产的酱油都是纯100%发酵产品,酱油发酵过程中不涉及任何化学程序。此外,我们双骆驼商标和三骆驼仅生产“无添加味精”和“无化学调味添加剂”的酱油。这是因为我们坚信,在生产过程中使用最好的原料,以我们的热忱与酱油生产和发酵领域的专业知识,我们能够生产出真正丰富,令人愉悦的芳香和浓郁酱油风味。“无论市场竞争如何激烈,成本如何上升,如果我们能够让客户将产品质量与骆驼商标品牌联想起来,那么我们总能在消费者的心中立足“。我们的总经理总说“食品行业是个良心事业”。始终做正确的事情才是我们的首要宗旨,利润不应该是我们追求的主要目标。一旦我们总是遵循于做出正确的事务,那么合理的利润将随之而来“。

Our Mission

"Produce Safe & Quality Products Meeting Customers Satisfaction"

Our Quality Policy

"Committed to Meeting Customer and Regulatory Requirements and to Continual Improvement"

Company Culture

  • Quality is our priority
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency
  • Learn from mistake
  • Management by result
  • Integrity
  • Proactive
  • Win - Win

Competitive Advantage